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Avoiding Work Related Injuries: Safety Training Modules


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Sun Valley Culinary Team,

We are excited to announce our new safety training modules for all employees. Most work related injuries occur within the first 60 days of employment. This new safety training program will not only help prevent those early employment injuries but help all of us to come to work and go home each day without injury or accident. Safety is at the core of our values!

Please find below links to five safety training modules.  Each module is designed to help you learn specific safety standards while working.  You can also apply these in your own daily personal life.

Play Course  (Back Safety)

Play Course  (Slips, Trips and Falls)

Play Course  (Asbestos Safety)

Play Course  (Blood Borne Pathogens)

Play Course  (Accident Investigation)

We recommend that you take each safety training module one at a time with a break or pause in between courses versus completing all of the training in one setting.  Upon completion of all five safety standards you will receive a certificate, distinguishing you as a Sun Valley safety standard certified employee.

If you are unable to take the safety standards on your own PC or electronic device you can take them at the HR Offices during the following times:

Tuesday afternoon between 12 and 4pm.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8am to 4pm.

Please let us know your thoughts and comments about the current training.  This has been a collaborated effort including the HR Team and Risk Management. We appreciate your help and support.  Please click on each links below to begin.


When you click the links above to launch a course, you'll see a screen first confirming your email address to make sure you get proper credit for taking the course. The default is the address this email was sent to, but you can use another if you already have a SCORM Cloud account or want the training tied to a different email address.

If you run into a problem launching the course, either contact Paula Wilson at the HR Offices (622-2078) or the IT department regarding adobe flash player issues. We'll be happy to help you out.

Matt Parke | Human Resources Director | Sun Valley Resort

T: 208.622.2080  | M: 208.720.0153 | F: 208.622.2082 | PO Box 10, 1 Sun Valley Road, Sun Valley, ID 83353


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